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KiloVault EcoFreedom 5

KiloVault EcoFreedom 5

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Say goodbye to battery maintenance and costly replacements with the KiloVault Uniti EcoFreedom. This advanced power solution utilizes lithium batteries to seamlessly provide reliable energy storage. The built-in inverter ensures a smooth flow of electricity, perfect for solar panel connection and renewable energy applications. Get a cost-effective and hassle-free power solution that you can count on!

  • 5000w, 120 single phase, pure sine wave, AC power output 
  • 10.2 kWh rated / 9.6 kWh usable energy capacity powered by HLX+ style lithium LFP batteries  
  • 7kW AC Surge Capabilities 
  • Built in AC Breakers and power outlet allow load to run directly from unit 
  • Integrated light inside cabinet for excellent visibility
  • Built in lighting protection 
  • Solar ready for up to 5kW PV with integrated DC disconnects and MPPT charge control
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KiloVault® HLX+ Series™ Deep Cycle Lithium Batteries


One battery that works in both hot and cold environments – even down to sub-freezing temperatures

Increased power output and efficiency

Push-button display allows you to get instantaneous state-of-charge readings

Works in 12, 24 or 48V configurations

Even after discharging it completely 2000 times, 80% of the capacity remains

Maintenance-free – No watering required, or cleaning of hazardous chemicals

Smart investment – Lower cost per Watt-hour/cycle and longer lifespan than lead acid batteries

Safer – No thermal runaway issues as with other lithium technologies

ETL certified to UL Standard 1973

7.5 year warranty


1)    Each battery must be individually charged to 14.0V before placing
it into operation with other batteries. Otherwise, the batteries will
independently hit ‘full’ or ‘empty’ and shut off before others in the
same battery bank.

2)    Equalization charge must be turned off
in your solar charge controller or AC charger. If left on, the
equalization charge will raise the voltage too high, damage the
batteries and void the warranty.

3)    Bulk/Absorption charge
voltage should be set to no higher than 14.0V for a 12V system, 28.0V
for 24V system, and 56.0V for a 48V system (and lower for high amp
chargers). Going any higher risks one or more batteries automatically
shutting off in a high voltage protection mode.

4)    Similarly,
the ‘Low Voltage Cut-Off’ on the inverter should be set for no lower
than 12.0V, 24.0V and 48.0V for a 12V, 24V and 48V system, respectively.
Going any lower risks one or more batteries automatically shutting off
in a low voltage protection mode.

5)    When turning on breakers
to inverters, charge controllers, battery monitors, etc. connected to
the batteries wait 45-60 seconds between powering up each device. The
KiloVault’s battery management system has special circuitry to detect
short circuits and protect itself. Many brands of inverters, charge
controllers and battery monitors will present a very high but very brief
surge that can be interpreted as a short. The KiloVault can handle one
of these ‘shorts’ every 45-60 seconds.

Alternatively, in most
circumstances all devices can be powered up at once but the batteries
will go into auto-protect mode and turn off for 30-60 seconds but then
restart normally.

6)    Be sure to tighten the battery terminals
before operating. Failure to do so will lead to the terminals
overheating, melting the case and potentially cause a fire.

7) Very important to unbox batteries and give them a full charge as soon as
you get them, even if you're not going to commission them right away.  

KiloVault® Solar Energy Storage Solutions

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